Heleena Hills HOA was founded in 2001. There are 136 homes (map) that make up the Heleena Hills neighborhood; we are fortunate to have an active neighborhood association filled with many long term residents that range in different backgrounds and ages. In short, Lake Stevens is a great community to live and raise a family!

This site was created to provide and store information related to the  Heleena Hills Board  & Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  All members of the Board and Architectural Committee are volunteers supporting the Heleena Hills HOA as outlined in the By-Laws which should have been provided to each homeowner at closing. The content in this site is provided as is and does not replace any actual official documents.

The primary activity of the Heleena Hills HOA Board and ACC is to implement the provisions outlined in Declarations and By Laws. In addition the ACC provides the board oversight to potential violations of other Articles of the Declaration, such as failure to maintain the exterior of the house or landscaping.

Any homeowner who believes there is a violation of one of the provisions of the By-Laws may contact the Property Management Company. The Board will review the complaint to determine if any action is required and, if appropriate, the Property Management Company will contact the homeowner in writing to inform them of the violation. The initial letter will request a response within (30) days. If no response is received within (30) days, the Property Management Company will send a second letter advising action on their part is required immediately. After reviewing any responses from the homeowner, or the lack thereof, the Property Management Company will then forward the information to the Board for appropriate follow-up.